Setting up Solr for FSI Server

For your convenience NeptuneLabs has packaged a preconfigured Solr server which can be downloaded from the FSI Viewer website at This minimizes the installation efforts and allows an easy installation even for unexperienced users. This package is a web archive (war) just like the FSI Server and can therefore simple be deployed in an arbitrary tomcat instance. As FSI Server and Solr/Lucene are both memory critical applications they should not be deployed under the same JVM other than for testing. IMPORTANT: For production environments it is highly recommended to deploy theSolr package in an own Tomcat/JVM instance. In high load environments you shouldconsider installing the Solr instance on separate hardware. As mentioned above the Solr server from the FSI Viewer website is preconfigured, meaning the core used by FSI Server is already installed and activated with the correct configuration and schema. By default the data itself will be saved within the servlet context, just like FSI Servers internal storage you should consider relocating this to a different directory. The following steps will lead through the installation of Solr using thepackage provided by NeptuneLabs and will enable the Search in FSI Server.

1. Download the Solr Package (solr.war) from

2. Deploy Solr

  • Copy the downloaded war-file to the Tomcats webapps directory.

3. Configure access restrictions to the Solr server

  • By default access to the Solr server is limited to connections from local ip addresses. If you are installing the package on a different machine, then you will have to disable this limitation by commmenting out the Valve configuration in webapps/solr/META-INF/context.xml
  • The access to the Solr server is not restricted to a specified user, but should be when the above limitation is removed. To enable this security feature,please uncomment the "security contraint" and the "login-config" blocks in webapps/WEB-INF/web-xml and add an appropriate user to your Tomcat installation, e.g. by adding the following lines to your tomcat-users.xml:
    <role rolename="solr_user"/>
    <user username="fsi" password="mypassword" roles="solr_

4. Enable the search in FSI Server

  • Set the "enabled" attribute of the "search" sections to true in the sourcemanager.xml andrequestprocessor.xml and set the login credentials according to the previous step if required.


  • Log in to FSI Administrator, navigate to your FSI Server and enable the search sections in the Request Processor Settings and the Source Manager Settings screens. Configure login credentials if required.

5. Wait for the FSI Server to finish the automatic build of the search database.