Configuring Solr for FSI Server

FSI Server 2016 uses Apache Solr as a database to allow searching in asset metadata. The Solr server is not embedded in FSI Server as the database was in FSI Server versions 1 and 2.


If you require searching, for example in FSI Pages or FSI Pages mobile, then you will have to provide a Solr instance for FSI Server to use. This document will assist you in setting up a new Solr server or configuring an existing Solr server to work with FSI Server. If you are running FSI Server on Microsoft Windows and have installed it using the Windows installer version from the FSI Viewer website then the Solr server is automatically installed together with FSI Server, FSI Administrator and FSI Cache. In that case the setup instructions are not relevant for your installation.


If you are already familiar with Solr and want to use an existing Solr instance for your FSI Server, then you can skip sections I and II.