Messages used in Management Requests

On the serverside the request and response bodies are represented by Java objects derived from classes containing JAXB annotations. This chapter discusses the message types in detail and provides the XML Schema documents describing the message content. Depending on the accept header sent by the client the server will return either the XML or JSON representation of a message. The XML format can be derived directly from the XSD provided. The JSON messages are created by Jettison using the "mapped" notation.

If the client application is implemented using Java, developers do not need to spend time on parsing message bodies. Instead the classes contained in the FSI Server Development Pack can be used together with the JAX-RS Client API to easily develop clients without the needs to manually implement the communications part. An example Java codesnip can be found in Section "Example Code" and is also part of the development pack. If the XML Schema definitions are needed to derive implementations in other languages they can easily be created from the Java files in the FSI Server Dev Pack using schemagen which is part of the current Java SE 6 versions.