Open API


This document provides an insight in how to use the FSI Server from a developers point of view. Whereas the manual describes the setup, administration and every day usage of the FSI Server, this guide is directed to developers integrating FSI Server in complex environments or designing client applications. The FSI Server offers an extensive API providing access to the full functionality of the server.


This document refers to FSI Server 2016 or above, although most parts also apply to previous versions. For maintainers of third party applications using the FSI Server OpenAPI will find the changes to previous versions explicitly listed in Appendix B.


The API can be considered to be split into two main parts. The first part is the servers core task: image and meta data delivery in real time. FSI Server is highly configurable to deliver the content needed in the correct format needed. The second part of the API is a REST-like interface to manage the data on the server. It allows basic operations like uploading and deleting items from the server. All parts of the API use the standardized Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allowing applications to be developed in every modern programming language.