Enabling the Debug Mode

The debug mode can be enabled or disabled by passing the "Debug" parameter either in the code snip or in an XML configuration file.

Please use "debug=1" or "debug=true" to enable the debug mode and "debug=0" (or omit the debug parameter) to disable the debug mode. To disable the debug mode permanently you can safely delete the "/debug" directory of your FSI setup directory.

<fsi-viewer width="500" height="600" src="/images/foo.tiff" debug="true">


If FSI Viewer does not work or look as expected in an HTML page you can quickly debug FSI Viewer as follows:

  • Open the HTML page containg FSI Viewer 
  • Open the "Inspect Element" feature of your browser
  • In the "Console" and "Network" part you can now check if everything is implemented and loaded correctly