Real-time Image Effects

The FSI Server provides various effects, which are available in real-time and can be applied to the images before delivery.

This section describes and visualizes the included effects using an example image. The left image corresponds to the original and the right image shows the applied effect(s).


Example sepia()


Makes the image look like a sepia toned photo.

Blendmode Enum Blendmodes (Normal, Dissolve, Exclusion, Difference, Hardmix, PinLight, LinearLight, VividLight, HardLight, SoftLight, Overlay, LighterColor, LinearDodgeAdd, ColorDodge, Screen, Lighten, DarkenColor, LinearBurn, ColorBurn, Multiply, Darken, Divide, GrainExtract, GrainMerge, Substract, LuminosityHSL, ColorHSL, SaturationHSL, HueHSL, LuminosityHSB, ColorHSB, SaturationHSB, HueHSB.)
RGB (RGB INT) >= 0x000000 <= 0xffffff
Opacity (float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Example coloroverlay(VividLight,0x300000,20)
Version 1.0

Applies a color overlay to the image using the specified color and blend mode. By using one or perhaps several different effects, many changes in coloration can be achieved.

Size (Int) >= 0
Example pixelize(30)
Version 1.0

Creates a pixel effect by reducing the image details. The pixel colors adapt to the most common used color around each pixel, resulting in a tile effect.

Value (Enum) Horizontal, Vertical
Example flip(vertical)
Version 1.0

Flips the image horizontally or vertically.

Value 4 normalized xy coordinate pairs describing the new corner positions.
Example distort(0.1,0.1,0.9,0.2,1,1,0,1)
Version 1.0

Performs a perspective distortion by moving the image corners to the new specified coordinates. The first two values are the upper left corner, based on a value of 0-1 on the X-and Y-axis. The following corners are to be entered clockwise.

Value (Int) >= -100 <= 100
Example brightness(20)
Version 1.0

Increases or reduces the image brightness.

Value (Int) >= -100 <= 100
Example contrast(20)
Version 1.0

Increases or reduces the image contrast.

Hue (Float) >= 0.0 <= 360.0
Saturation (Float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Lightness (Float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Example colorize(170,80,10)
Version 1.0

Applies a colorize effect to the image. This makes it possible to give a general color impression to the image.

Mode (Enum) RGB, RBG, BGR, BRG, GRB, GBR
Example channelexchange(grb)
Version 1.0

Swaps color channels.

Mode (Enum) Average, Lightness, Luminosity, Saturation
Example desaturate(lightness)
Version 1.0

Desaturates the specified image property.

Hue (Float) >= -180 <= 180
Saturation (Float) >= -100 <= 100
Lightness (Float) >= -100 <= 100
PrimaryColor (Enum) All, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta
Example hsl(90,80,30,All)
Version 1.0

Allows increase or decrease of the hue, saturation and lightness of a specified image channel

Amount (Float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Example sharpen(50)
Version 1.0


Sharpens the image using a Gaussian unsharpen algorithm. Especially details and contours will be highlighted.

Radius (Float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Example blur(50)
Version 1.0

Applies a Gaussian blur effect to the image and therefore reduces image noise and detail levels..

Value (Float) >= 0.1 <= 9.99
Channel (Enum) All, Red, Blue, Green
Example gamma(6.0, Red)
Version 1.0

Reduces or increases the image gamma.

Amount (Float) >= 0.0 <= 100.0
Example glow(25)
Version 1.0

Adds a glow effect to the image by enlarging and summarizing all bright areas, so you have the impression the image shines.

Example solarize()
Version 1.0

Applies a solarize effect that negates all pixels above a certain value. Solarization allows the alienation of images.

LevelLow (Int) >= 0 <= 255
LevelHigh (Int) >= 0 <= 255
Color1 (RGB INT) >= 0x00000000 <= 0xffffffff
Color2 (RGB INT) >= 0x00000000 <= 0xffffffff
Example threshold(10,200,0x00471698,0x00fbdb07)
Version 1.0

Reduces the color range of the images by applying a threshold filter.

Mode (Enum) Brightness, All, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha
Example invert(red)
Version 1.0

Inverts one channel, all channels or the brightness of the image.

Level (Int) >= 0 <= 255
Example posterize(11)
Version 1.0

Applies a posterize effect, reducing the image to a limited number of color levels. Posterize is a separation of the tonal values with a simultaneous tonal value reduction.

Mode (Enum) Average, Lightness, Luminosity
Value (HexColor) ARGB, [ARGB], ...
Example gradientmap (luminosity,ff0000,ff00ff,0000ff,00ffff,00ff00,ffff00,ff0000)
Version 1.0

Maps a defined gradient over a grayed image.

Value (Int) >0 <= 100
Example transparency(30)
Version 1.0

Adds transparency to the image. If the image contains an alpha channel it will be strengthened. If there is no alpha channel in the image, then one will be created.

Value (Hex RGB)
Example matte(2cb4ac)
Version 1.0

Removes transparency and renders all translucent pixel against the matte color.

Value (Enum)red,green,blue,all
Min (int) >= 0 <= 255
Max (int) >= 0 <= 255
Example channellevel(red,30,70)
Version 16.07

Increases or decreases all color values of the selected channel until they are in the specified range.

Value HexARGB
Example fill(AA332255)
Version 16.07

Fills the image with the specified color considering the alpha channel if it exists in the image.

Value (HexRGB)
Example channelrgbfilter(FF0000)
Version 16.07

Applies the specified color filter to the image

Amount (Int) >0 <= 100
Strength (Int) >0 <= 100
Monochrome (Boolean)
Example noise(60,80,true)
Version 1.0

Adds noise to the image.

Position (Enum)TL,TC,TR,CL,CC,CR,BL,BC,BR
Color (HexRGB)
Example pad(CC,00FF00)
Version 16.07

Pads the image to fit the requested size exactly, placing the actual image on the colored canvas at the specified position.

Value (int) >= -100 <= 100
Example temperature(-50)
Version 16.07

Changes the image color temperature.

Mode (Enum)HSL,YIQ
Strength (int) >= -100 <= 100
Example saturation(HSL,-50)
Version 16.07

Changes the image saturation.

Example opaque()
Version 16.07

Removes the Alpha Channel from an image if it exists.

Mode (Enum)red,green,blue,hue,saturation,brightness
Example channelselect(red)
Version 16.07

Displays only the information contained in the selected channel.

Value (Enum)red,green,blue,all
Min (int) >= 0 <= 255
Max (int) >= 0 <= 255
Pad (int) >= 0 <= 255
Example channelleveltrunk(red,20,255,10)
Version 16.07

Sets all color values of the selected channel outside the specified range to the pad value.



Select(Command, Range, RangeParameters)







Version 16.07

Limit subsequent effects to image regions using clipping paths and/or alpha channels. range parameters.

Supported commands:

New: clears old and starts a new selection.

Add: adds region to existing selection.

Sub: subtracts region from existing selection.

Clear: clears the current selection.

Invert: inverts the current selection. T

The New, Add and Sub commands require a range with appropriate range parameters. Possible range values are:

Path: Selects a path defined in the image. Requires the number of the path are range parameter.

Alpha: Selects one of the alpha channels defined in the image. Requires the number of the alpha channel as range parameter.

Rect: Selects a rectangular region within the image. Requires the rectangle coordinates as range parameters.

Image Overlay location
Position (Enum)TL,TC,TR,CL,CC,CR,BL,BC,BR
Opacity (int) >= 0<= 100
Horizontal Offset (int) desired horizontal offset in pixel
Vertical Offset (int) desired vertical offset in pixel
Example overlays=_service/demo_watermark.png(70,CC,0,0)
Version 16.07

Adds an overlay to the image. This effect is always applied before all other effects.