Getting Started

FSI Server includes a web interface allowing easy access to most of the servers features. Due to the intuitive interface, browsing and managing images is simplified. The interface provides the full functionality needed to assist in publishing images, showcases and catalogs and also allows configuring the real-time image effects. To get started, simply open up the interface by pointing your browser to:

FSI Server is set up to provide real-time web access to images placed within a directory structure. It is also possible to store and manage digital assets on the FSI Server. Unlike any other imaging server, the server component merely requires read access to the directory. This guarantees the integrity of the original image files. This source directory is monitored and any new images are imported into FSI Servers internal storage retaining the directory structure. This internal storage consists of copies of the original files, optimized for fast access and real-time delivery to the web. This technique ensures high scalability and allows FSI Server to be used for high performance, heavy traffic websites.

Once configured the FSI Server does not require any further administration, the internal storage is set up automatically and will always be synchronized with the source directory. Modifications to the source directory via local file access, FTP upload or the web interface are immediately mapped to the internal storage.