Source Connector Configuration

The source connectors are defined by files in the [CONFIG DIRECTORY]/connectors directory of the FSI Server installation that end with the suffix .xml.



Descriptiondefines if the source connector is enabled

The enabled node allows enabling and disabling a source connector. A disabled source connector is ignored and treated as nonexistent. Files that were imported via this profile will therefore be deleted from the internal storage when a profile is deleted.

Descriptiondefines the source connector type

This setting defines the type of the source connector. The three supported types are: 

  • "storage": Images found in the source directory will be imported into the internal storage. All other file types will be ignored and will not be accessible via FSI Server.
  • "multiresolution": Tiff and FPX files in the source directory are treated as multiresolution images, allowing image requests without the need of importing the images into the internal storage.
  • "static": Any file stored in the source directory is accessible via FSI Server. The files will not be imported and will all be treated equally regardless of their type. This means image-requests are not possible even though it might be an image file.

If the type-setting is omitted, the source connector will be of type "storage".For more information, especially on when to use multiresolution instead of storage, please see "When to use multiresolution source connectors".

Descriptiondisables the import scanner

This node can be used to disable the import scanner.


The ImportEffects sections sets effects, which are used on the images while being imported.

Descriptiondefines a trim which is used while importing

This defines a trim which is used while importing.

Trim consists of two parameters, which are set like the following: Trim(2,BL). The first value defines the Threshold, which sets the derivation of the color or transparency which is picked up in percent. The value can consist of float values, and must be between >= 0 and <= 100. Default is 0. The second value is the Trim Pickup Position, it defines the position which is set as origin for the trim. You can decide between Top Left (TL, default), Top Right (TR), BL (Bottom Left) and BR (Bottom Right) - this will be the position that is used as reference for the trim, i.e. if the pixel is fully transparent, all coherent pixels with transparency will be removed from the image, if the pixel is not fully transparent, the contained color value will be used as reference.


The origin section defines where to look for images and how to access the found images.

Descriptiondefines the accessor of the connector

Defines how the source connector is accessed. The default accessor is "Filesystem".

Descriptionspecifies the location of images
Default" "

The location option specifies where to look for images. A relative path is interpreted to be relative to the applications WEB-INF directory.


The conversion section defines parameters applied when importing files. This section is only relevant for source connectors of the type "storage".

Descriptiondefines the compression format of images

Specifies the compression format of the image data in the internal storage. Valid compression formats are JPEG and LOSSLESS which uses a Deflate compression algorithm. This setting has a large impact on the hard disk space used by the internal storage.

DescriptionJPEG compression quality

The JPEG compression quality used internally. Only applies if the format is set to JPEG.

Descriptiondefines the pre scaled zoom level quality

Different pre scaled zoom levels are stored within FSI Servers internal storage. This parameters allows fine tuning these zoom levels. Possible values are:

  • NORMAL: each level is half the size of the previous level.
  • HIGH: each level is 2/3 the size of the previous level.
  • ULTRA: each level 2/3 the size of the previous and every levels image data is always calculated from the originating image.

The normal setting uses less disk space than high or ultra and ultra will significantly increase image import time.

Descriptiondefines the chroma subsampling parameter

Defines the chroma subsampling parameter used to encode JPG images. Possible values are: "4:4:4", "4:2:2" and "4:2:0". This setting applies to JPG and SWF only.


The access section defines which groups are allowed to access the connector using which permission set.

Example <Access> node
  <group permissionset="public_images" name="public" />
  <group permissionset="read_write" name="authenticated" />
  <group permissionset="set1" name="group1" />


In the comment section you are able to type a special description of the connector or the content that is supposed to be stored in it. The comment will appear in the information box on the bottom of the tree view in the web interface.