Groups and Users configured locally

If FSI Server is configured to used local user and group declarations, the groups are defined in [CONFIG DIRECTORY]/groups.xml and the users are defined in [CONFIG DIRECTORY]/users.xml.



Each group is represented by a node called <group>. The group name is specified by an attribute called "name". For every user belonging to a group, the group node needs a child node called <user> with the users login name as text value.

Example <group> node
<group name="group1" permissionset="set1" propertyset="userProperties">



In the users configuration file, every user is represented by a <user>-node. The user name (login) is defined in the attribute "name". The password can be provided as plain text in an attribute called "plain" or as a SHA-256 hash in an attribute called "hash". If the FSI Server is configured to use a Kerberos Server for authentication, then the password declarations here will be ignored.


Example <user> node
<user name="user1" plain="user" permissionset="set1" propertyset="userProperties" />