Publishing Sets

A publishing set defines which FSI Viewer instance and which proxy settings will be used to generate the code snips in FSI Servers publishing interface. The following parameters are recognized by the publishing interface:


Viewer PathviewerpathviewerThe path to the FSI Viewer instance
Proxy URLproxyurl-The URL of the proxy (FSI Cache)
Proxy Server PatternproxyserverpatternserverThe FSI Cache profile to use for image, info and list requests
Proxy Static PatternproxystaticpatternstaticThe FSI Cache profile to use for static requests
Proxy JS PathproxyjspathjsThe FSI Cache request used for js-files (e.g fsiwriter.js)
Proxy User Viewer BaseproxyuserviewerbaseusersThe FSI Cache profile used to access the users subdirectory
Proxy Viewer PathproxyviewerpathviewerThe FSI Cache profiles used to address the FSI Viewer