An unlicensed copy of FSI Server is nearly fully functional but all images delivered will contain watermarks. To purchase a licence please contact your local reseller or NeptuneLabs directly. A trial licence can be requested in the Licence-Tab when logged in to the webinterface as administrator. When you have acquired a licence, then this can be installed by either copying it into a file called licence.xml and placing this into the [CONFIG-DIRECTORY] of your FSI Server installation or by simply using the "Check for new licence" button in the webinterface.

Depending on the licence obtained, limitations apply regarding the number of assets hosted on the server as well as the number of groups and source connectors. A licence can also contain an expiration date. If any of these limitations are exceeded, all images delivered by the server will again contain watermarks. In this case please contact your reseller or NeptuneLabs to upgrade or extend your licence.

Furthermore, the JMX support and the batch rendering capability are enabled or disabled depending on the licence.

Every licence key is bound to the hardware it was created for. Changing essential parts of the server hardware will invalidate the licence key. In that case please request a new key from NeptuneLabs or via the licence tab in the FSI Server web interface.