Interpreting the results

As mentioned in the introductory section, the benchmark will result in a number of indices. The two main resulting indices "system performance" and "I/O performance" allow comparing your servers performance to the reference system. The test is calibrated so that the reference system achieves a result value of 1000 for each test and index. If your system achieves values higher than 1000, then it performs better than the reference system.

If the values are lower, the performance is not as good as the reference system. As stated above, this will give you an estimation if your system is fast enough to serve images for a medium sized website. If the results show that one of the performance indices is not satisfying, a detailed look into the systems hardware configuration might be necessary.

Here the detailed results of the single tests might turn out to be helpful in finding bottlenecks. In general, if you are unsure if your system can handle the expected load, then please contact your local reseller or NeptuneLabs directly before putting the system into production.