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FSI Viewer

FSI Viewer is a web component to display 2D image zoom and 360° Object spins on desktop computers and mobile devices. Depending on the device capabilities it offers in place zoom or pinch zoom support. FSI Viewer also supports optional multiple axis spin.

2D Image Zoom

360° Spin Zoom

Optional hot spots with HTML content can be added by providing 3D coordinates (x,y,z) in millimeters.

How it works

The script uses the given <fsi-viewer> tag, which is similar to an <img> tag, to display a single image zoom and/or 360° object spin.

If a video has been defined, the script captures video frames on start to provide an ultra smooth rotation.

Without a video (or on devices not supporting video capturing) a fixed number of images from different viewing angles will be used to display the object spin.

The user can drag the image left and right to spin and zoom in/out either using pinch zoom or by clicking on the object.

The HTML code generated in the FSI Server interface contains all necessary tags to ensure maximum compatibility on all devices.

Supported devices

  • all major desktop and mobile devices
Note on Internet Explorer

In order to make FSI Viewer JS work, Internet Explorer must run in IE8 quirks, IE9 or higher quirks or standards mode. You can ensure that by adding an X-UA-Compatible meta tag to the head section of your web page, for example:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

Not only these versions, but Internet Explorer itself is completely outdated and should no longer be used. Therefore, one should consider whether this meta tag is really necessary.