Links to resources Home of the FSI Viewer and FSI Server. The download area requires free registration and provides the latest versions of all NeptuneLabs FSI applications. Jersey is the JAX-RS implementation used by FSI Server to provide the part of the API that allows modifying data on the server. Java API used by Jersey to read and write JSON. The template engine used to render Info and List requests.

Changes in the OpenAPI

To make the transition from previous version of FSI Server to FSI Server 2016 as easy as possible for third party applications, the changes in the OpenAPI were reduced to the necessary minimum. Most custom code should run without requiring modifications. In detail, the changes where client code might be affected are as follows:


The login process has been extended to support plain text password required for server side Kerberos authentication. If your FSI Server does use Kerberos authentication, the client application will have to be modified the bahve as stated in section"Authentication".


The designated service user and the status request for monitoring FSI Server have been dropped in favour of a JMX interface. Detailed information on the JMX interface is available in the FSI Server manual.


In addition to the above mentioned some parameter names have been deprecated. They are still supported for compatibility reasons, but should be changed in code generated after the FSI Server 2016 release date.


In the requests directed to the FSI Server for image or metadata retrieval the old parameter profile is replaced by the new renderer.


Furthermore the parameter tpl has been replaced by template for readability.


As FSI Server 2016 supports all kind of digital assets and no longer only images, the service requests to manage files on the server have changed from .../service/image/... to .../service/file/...