Creating and using Spin Videos

When creating spin videos for ultra smooth rotations, it is strongly recommended to use a camera that can take photos and record videos so that the position and technical specifications apply to both, the video and the photos.

 Make sure you do not modify the object or camera position between the video and photo shooting session.

  1.  Take the photos from different viewing angles
  2.  Record a video of a full, continuous object spin starting at the angle you took the first photo from until reaching the same angle again. You might want to take a video of 2 full spins and cut the video later on.
  3.  Cut the video if required making sure the video starts and ends at the viewing angle you took the first photo at
  4.  Export the video in the following formats:
    webm (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
    mp4 (for MS IE)
  5. Copy the video files to either a static source connector on FSI Server or to the [viewer]/applications/spin360/videos/ folder using the same file names just with the file extension matching the video format
  6.  Add the <video> section to your configuration file and add the "source" parameter (just the file name WITHOUT the file extension).